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Check out more about Savannah College of Arts and Design at ! Thanks Savannah College of Arts and Design for partnering with me on this video.

im a junior in high school and this weekend i had the amazing opportunity to travel to Savannah Georgia and take a tour of SCAD!

check them out if you want to know more about SCAD!


Help me translate this video into your language!

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what did you think of SCAD? i thought it was absolutely wonderful. i had so much fun with the new friends i made this weekend.

This was such a fun video to make!! thanks for all the support. it means the world to me. love you so so so so freaking much. SEE U ON MELOCHE MONDAY!

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Ashley : Did they ever release the show hot cakes? I searched for it but found nothing
Bryan Estrada : Do you go to Grand valley state university???
Akshita Singh : Is no one gonna talk about how GORGEOUS SHE IS
lizzie m. : What is the orange Effekt called.
jenna raudenbush : the fact that u got paid to tour my college but they cant even give me financial aid
Gacha Girl : I’m going to scad !
taylor smith : I’m going to SCAD TOMORROW!!!! Start class on Wednesday!!
ryenn olivia : omg i’m visiting scad in September for my friend who is moving in ☺️❤️
Pragya Jha : do a how to edit videos
Erika Jane : Well my mom and my uncle wanted me to study in this school and I'm here cuz I wanna look at the college

why i left scad #scad #scadatlanta

it’s hard to put why i left into words, but here is my (third) attempt. hope this helps some people!

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Jennifer Valente : I have a question do we have to join a meal prep plan? I’m thinking about applying, this is my senior year in highschool but I don’t want to regret paying a lot of money for me not to like it . Do they do core classes? I want to major in fashion. How do quarter classes work is it like per semester? I’m sorry I’m asking a lot of questions but I really don’t know anyone that goes there
CheyNobi : Current scad student here... i am thinking about switching over to full sail because it has more in regards to their writing program. I dont know if i want to make a switch but need help . It is getting too much and I need another option
Meegs B : Vaccines cause harm. Please check out the documentary called VAXXED (recently banned on Amazon).
Aldin Lee : You hit on my longtime perception of SCAD, that for 80+% of its students it's basically an overpriced summer arts camp. It will one day, after the passing of its current president (and co-founder), move more toward quality over quantity. Until then, there are many other arts schools where the same camaraderie can be found and just as good (and likely better) skill-sets can be obtained with far less debt incurred. Luckily the arts industry is perhaps the one professional sector that has not been afflicted by useless academic 'credentialitis'. You're going to be judged by your portfolio of work (professional or not) not how many diplomas you can produce.
Jahnavi K : Hi
I had a question
When you get a certain scholarship for example $40,000,is it renewed every year or is it the total amount for 4 years
H.C Cheung : I am a scad student (international study). I think Julia said the real situation of all the SCAD students, the system of scad is extremely terrible. I also needed to deal with a lot of problems that "SCAD" gave me. I would say to be a university student, what we can learn from the classes is limited. It is because if we truly want to learn something and become professional artists, self-education is very important as well. Personally, my major is painting, but I will learn Graphic Design from Linkedin as well. Also, I will keep finding my professors and ask them questions. I agree with you that sometime SCAD could be a playground; on the other side, we are artists and we have our creativity and ability to change the playground to be our learning place. Keep learning and absorbing things. No one can stop us to learn and improve. No matter how worse is the circumstance, we still can find a way out and we can grow up and become much more mature. Keep going, Julia! I believe you can find your own way as well. :)
Ashlie L. : 2020 ATL SCAD grad here: my advice for ANYONE thinking of coming to SCAD is go to community college first. Let me explain. SCAD is stupid expensive and you still have to do general education. I started at a community college and transferred after getting my associate's in general studies. And most of my classes transferred. By the time I came to SCAD, I got to start courses based on my major: Sequential art.
By then, I understood how to get through college classes. It's obviously not quite the same as SCAD will give you too much work as if you only have one course. But it's a good start for those coming out of high school. Try for general studies at your local school and you can really try different courses you might be interested in as careers.
If you decide to do this, and then you come to SCAD, you might realize even your smaller colleges can teach you just as well. Do your research before you come. Try one course for your first quarter.
(I did community college first, and I'm leaving SCAD with less than 30K in student loans. I'm VERY lucky. Also get a job. It'll really help.)
As for the advisors... they are absolute garbage. All of them have different titles but none of them know answers for anything.
And the high percentage to get into a job with your degree? Yeah, that's based on the people who answered that survey. It doesn't include the many other students I know who haven't gotten a job at all.
I love SCAD because of the professors. They are really what makes SCAD, and Paula Wallace doesn't pay them enough. And I know I can email my teachers even after having graduated.
Honestly though... you could learn a lot of this info on youtube or skillshare or in a masterclass.
Maddie Farnkoff : I dint know if I want to go to art school every video I wach is bad or good things about art school
Maddie Farnkoff : You should apply for massart in Massachusetts it's a good art school you might like it there
photosyndipity : Hi! I just graduated from SCAD in Film/Tv at the Savannah Campus. I am so sorry that you had this experience. I know how hard it can be and the prices can really be stressful especially when it seems like it is such a breeze for everyone else. I have been living off student loans so I really know the struggle. I never lived on campus or had to pay for any kind of meal plan though. I would recommend for anyone going to find some roommates and get an apartment. At least if you go to Savannah. It is so much cheaper to find some roommates and rent. Although, I have never lived in ATL so I know the prices are probably different but with renting you do not have to pay for an expensive meal plan that you will not get anything out of.

I transferred into SCAD after getting my general education classes out of the way. I went ahead and got my A.A degree which gave me time to decide what I really wanted to do as well as save up. However, not all of the credits transfer over if you get the A.A degree but it still saves you money & time. It so much cheaper to take a math/English at a state college than to take a math/English at SCAD. I would highly recommend anyone who might not know what they want to do or might not have all the funds to try transferring in. I still was able to spend 3 years there and I do not feel like I missed out on anything.

Any-who, I hope wherever you go ends up being the best for you!! I hope you write that book girl!!!

'Guests and Gusto' with architect and technologist James Law

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About 'Guests and Gusto'
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